Colorado Event Rentals is pleased to announce CER Linen Service.

CER linen service offers Restaurant Linen Supplies, Entry Mats, Special Occasion Linens, and Uniforms.

Fast, accurate deliveries: Our state of the art linen and uniform tracking software, hand held control devices and local cleaning facility guarantee you will get exactly what you need when you need it.

Professional local service: We live here too. Our local, active owners and dedicated team mean you’ll always get reliable, responsible and friendly service.

Consistently sharp uniforms: Your work garments will always look great thanks to our periodic uniform upgrades and high quality materials.

Crisp and clean linens: Our top quality linens are available in many sizes, colors and fabric blends. Let us customize a linen program for YOU.

Fair and transparent billing: Simple, easy to understand invoice, guaranteed pricing and our very own “Customer First Guarantee”.


When you want to make the best impression every time, appearance is important. Our goal is for your table cloths, napkins, placemats, bar mops, aprons, and chef apparel to always be clean, well maintained and delivered on time. We act as linen consultants for our customers by providing a complete assessment of your restaurant and your needs. Once we have this information, we can design a linen program that is cost effective and suits your needs. From fine dining to biscuits to burritos, we have a program to suit your business and will deliver with our “customer first” philosophy.

Linen Items:
Tablecloths: High quality, lint-free tablecloths and napkins in a variety of colors and sizes.
Towels: Terry cloth bar mop towels and 100% cotton kitchen towels.
Aprons: Standard white aprons in 3 different styles- waist, bib and the most popular bistro apron.
Apparel: Chef coats, cook shirts, pants and front of house wear in a variety of colors and fabrics. Ask us for more information and we’ll customize a program to fit your needs and image.


Our Customer First Guarantee:
What does that mean? It means:• No service charges
• No delivery fees
• No minimum monthly charges
• No long term, one sided contracts
• No automatic inventory maintenance charges
• No laundry bag charges
• No Steamboat fuel surcharges



During the Yampa Valley’s constant freeze, thaw, rain and dry cycles, the majority of dirt inside of buildings is tracked in by customers upon entry. CER Linen Service provides plain entry mats or mats with a custom logo that are exchanged for clean mats on a regular basis. Clean mats keep shoes clean and the grime inside your building to a minimum. We provide mats for all of your high traffic zones- the front door, kitchen entries, bar mats, kitchen mats or anywhere else you need them. Like all services at CER, the mat program requires no initial investment from the customer and comes with our “Customer First Guarantee”.

Why Use CER Linen Services Mats?
Minimize your cleaning costs – Our mats catch the mess, so you spend less time cleaning.
Protect your floor coverings – Our quality mats trap 80% of the dirt on your customer’s feet. This debris can stain and reduce the lifespan of your carpet, hardwood or tile floors.
You look sharp – Our mat program ensures that your dirty mats will be changed out for clean ones on a consistent basis, that fits your schedule.
Available in many colors and sizes to fit any application.
Custom high definition logo mats are available to promote your brand.

Mats We Offer:

Classic Mats: Our classic mats are built with high-twist, heat-set nylon yarn that resists packing and crushing. Dirt filters into these mats rather than remaining on top, where it can be tracked into your place of business. Mats are available in a wide selection of colors to complement most decors.

Classic Brush Mats: Mats made with extra-course nylon fibers and traditional solution dyed fibers. The result is a mat that creates excellent scraping and wiping action for maximum soil capturing performance.

Plush Mats: These mats are solution dyed and contain 36 oz .of yarn per square yard. The “plush” carpet traps 50% more moisture than some basic, low yarn content mats. These are a great choice for entry ways and corridors that are frequented by wet, snowy feet.

Waterhog Mats: Mats for your wettest, snowiest areas. The Waterhog mats are 3/8 inch thick and are constructed of 100% UV resistant polypropylene fabric. The molded rubber backing resist curling and cracking, even during a Steamboat Winter. All Waterhog mats have a water dam border that is designed to contain water and dirt.



With our high capacity machines and deliveries available 7 days a week we are the first choice for weddings, parties and other special events. Our high quality, diverse assortment of rental linens will leave a great and lasting impression on your guest or bride-to-be. Let CER Linen Service handle the linen delivery, pickup and cleaning so you can focus on the special day.


Need uniforms? We’ve got you covered with custom or standard chef coats, polo shirts, industrial apparel and aprons. No matter the uniform, we will keep your employees looking sharp with clean garments that fit and are comfortable.

Talk with CER Linen Service about your apparel needs and customize a program designed around your business and image.

  • Hundreds of products from multiple manufacturers
  • Sizes and colors to fit every need and application
  • Generous cuts for greater range of motion
  • Performance fabrics
  • Weights for winter and summer
  • Stain, fade & wrinkle-resistant options
  • Custom emblems and embroidery
  • High visibility striping available by request