Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we do. We love having our clients come in! Our showroom is located at 1983 Loggers Lane in Steamboat Springs, CO. Contact us at 970-871-6986 to schedule your appointment with one of our event consultants.

Where will the equipment be placed upon delivery?

All deliveries and pickups are door-to-door, to one location on the property. Please let your event consultant know if you have a specific drop off spot in mind. If we can drive right up, we are happy to place items where you would like, whether in the garage or on the front porch. If we encounter stairs or elevators, extended carrying, or challenging driving terrain, additional charges will apply.

Does CER set up and break down all rentals?

Our talented crew will set up any items that require tools or technical knowledge, including tents, lighting, arches, farm tables, etc. Items such as foldable tables, chairs, tableware, or linens, will need to be set up by you or your helpers. Prior to pick up, all equipment must be stacked and/or returned to their containers in the same manner and location as they were delivered.

Does CER issue refunds for unused equipment?

Unfortunately, CER does not offer refunds on unused rentals. All rentals that leave the warehouse will be charged in full, as they have been pulled from inventory and been made unavailable for other clients to rent. At this stage of the game, our crew has been working diligently to ensure your order is meticulously cleaned, organized, and loaded. Orders refused upon delivery will be charged in full.

Will anyone be available if I have an emergency?

Absolutely! We are here for you in an event emergency. As soon as you are aware of a problem, such as missing or malfunctioning equipment outside business hours, please call 970-871-6786 and press 5. We will attempt to diagnose and give directions over the phone. If we are unable to assist over the phone, we will send a crew member to the event site. Please keep in mind, if the emergency is due to operator error, event site trips may incur additional fees. We highly encourage you to designate a responsible contact onsite during setup to get instructions for utilizing our generators, heaters, and lighting.

Am I responsible for cleaning dirty rentals?

This is the best part! After your event, china, serving ware, and dishware must be scraped, glassware emptied and placed in correct racks, and linens shaken out and placed in provided bags. Wet linens must be kept separate. We will take over from here! In the case of excessively grimy rentals, additional cleaning fees may apply.